Carb Loading – No Bull

I have two 5K’s lined up for this week.  Tomorrow night is the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.  Saturday is the Stroll for Strong Kids.  I am signed up to run the 5K and walk the 2 mile walk with my family, after.  Sponsor Me by Clicking Here!
So on to the carb loading bull.  “They” say you should carb load before a big cardio event.  Eat massive amounts of pasta and load yourself down! lol jk.  The reasoning is really that you will burn the carbs when you perform the event.
The flip side is that “They” say you shouldn’t carb load.  Eat a light meal the night before. Grilled fish and steamed veggies.  Lean protein an hour before the race or whatever you are doing.
Ironically, this week, I made pasta.  I was planning on trying out the spaghetti squash recipe idea.  I went on my lofty way last week and bought summer squash, thinking that is what is used, right?
Wrong!  When I went to look up a recipe for spaghetti squash, low and behold it is an actual type of squash unto itself.  Oh well.  Better luck next time. I had already grabbed asparagus, tomatoes, sliced baby portobelloes and artichoke hearts.  I ended up throwing the squash in with the other veggies and cooking them up with some frozen shrimp.
Since I didn’t have the elusive spaghetti squash, I opted for Barilla plus wheat angel hair pasta. It was on hand, so it would do just fine.
Here is the recipe I created. (WW recipe here)
First, I chopped up all the veggies.I mixed them in a bowl with some minced garlic, pepper, olive oil and other seasoning.
Then I sauteed them in a pan, while separately boiling water for the pasta.
Once the frozen shrimp was thawed, I took off the tails and cut them in 1/2
I coarsely chopped the tomatoes to add with the shrimp and pasta sauce, just before finishing.
Add a little parmesan and you’re eating good!
This recipe makes 6 servings and is 7pp.  I have been eating it for lunch this week and I feel as if I am eating like a king!  So yummy.
Hope you like it!