Bet On It! Good Run Cocktail Party is On!

Good Run Cocktail Party

Silent Auction

Wine Tasting from Casa Larga


Come support Angels of Mercy in the fight against human trafficking!

  • Bid on items from local businesses
  • Taste wine from local winery
  • Learn about trafficking and how you can help fight for those caught in a form of modern day slavery

When: Wednesday September 16, 2015

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Where: Good Luck Restaurant

Tickets: $15

Get ready to bid on great items from local businesses!


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Why are You Supporting this Cause? Why Should Others Care?

I joined the Angels of Mercy committee, to plan their annual run/walk to fight human trafficking, this year. After some of the meetings, I had been thinking of how to help spread the word for their event and to help raise funds for their cause. So I had the idea to host a cocktail party. Since getting the ball rolling, I have been met with the greatest support from the Rochester community. The excellent staff and owners of Good Luck Restaurant opened up their place for me to host the event. Numerous businesses donated gifts for a silent auction. Organizations allowed me to post the event on their sites, and spread the word to their members.

Despite all this, I have only been able to sell 9 tickets to the fundraiser, and am in danger of having to cancel or postpone the event. In hindsight, I set the ticket price too high, but I was covering costs of the event itself. Still, I should have made a choice between exposure vs fundraising. I should have gone for exposure. The reason I am putting this out there, is because if I can’t sell the tickets, I can’t raise the money. I can still shoot for exposure. One of the questions asked in a request for a business donation, such as for the silent auction, is to explain the cause. It is a question I have been asked a lot in recent months. What is the cause you are supporting? Why are you supporting this cause? Why should others care?

Human trafficking is not something that is easy to talk about. The most common sense I get from people is the thought that human trafficking is really sex trafficking and boils down to under-age prostitution. It’s a touchy subject that is hard to get people to discuss. The catch-22 is that human trafficking thrives on people not paying attention. Since I have this very small microphone and really want to get the word out, I thought I would take a moment to share what I have learned about human trafficking.

Human trafficking can often take the shape of forced labor. Selling a human being and forcing them into any kind of slave labor, is human trafficking. It is the slavery of today. It is illegal, but incredibly difficult to prevent. Forced labor practices have been reported by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to generate profits of $150 billion a year (–en/index.htm).  The ILO also estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally, including 5.5 million children. 55% are women and girls (

But how is this relatable to people in the Rochester, NY community? These facts are staggering, but they aren’t exactly tangible to the immediate concerns of our area. In February of this year, it was announced that 7 men and women in the Rochester area were in custody, after a human trafficking bust in our city. 9 victims were rescued, 7 of whom were minors ( These are someone’s daughters, sisters, cousins. They were missing, taken and forced into a nightmare. Many have heard the stories. A teenager gets an offer for a modeling shoot, or audition, and is flown to a big city. When they get there, they are forced into a van and never seen again, except by those buying and selling them. Other stories take place in developing countries. They shape of parents selling their child, because they are in debt and have no other options. The problem is that the debt is never settled and the child is forced into servitude with no end in sight.

Angels of Mercy is hosting their 3rd annual run/walk to fight trafficking on August 29th, 2015 ( . You can register as an individual or with a team. Their goal is to fund a home for healing in the Rochester area. We do have trafficking here, and as we find the ones being held against their will, we need to have a place for them to heal. We need to provide crisis services for survivors and those seeking help. Angels of Mercy is working toward that goal, and I am with them in the fight. For more information on trafficking, and how educating girls is a direct combatant to this epidemic, I recommend the documentary Girl Rising (

Since I have a small window left to get ticket sales up (ie now is the time), I will still encourage everyone to reserve a ticket (or more) for the cocktail party I am hosting at Good Luck Restaurant, next Monday August 10th, 2015. Proceeds go directly to Angels of Mercy Run/Walk to fund a home for healing and crisis services for survivors and those in need. We will have information about trafficking available, a silent auction, and some clips from the Girl Rising documentary. Attendees can also register for the run/walk and find out more about how to get involved in this cause.

Thank you,

Courtney Fay

Human trafficking is happening here in Rochester and Angels of Mercy needs your support

Please join us for A Good Run Cocktail Party on Monday, August 10 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Good Luck Restaurant for hors d’oeuvres and drinks (cash bar)

  • Hear stories about human trafficking busts in Rochester
  • Learn about the different types of human trafficking and ways to spot them
  • Bid on silent auction items from Good Luck, Del Monte Hotel, Black Button Distillery and more

100% of ticket profits support providing local services for women in need in the Rochester community.  You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for the Angels of Mercy 5K run/walk on August 29 at Meridian Centre Park.

Time is running out to show your support. Purchase tickets on at

A Good Menu is Set

 Get your tickets before we sell out
so you don’t miss these wonderful appetizers
by Good Luck Restaurant!

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Charcuterie & Antipasto Station

 Bruschetta with Roasted Figs, Blue Cheese and Hazelnuts (v)

Lamb Meatballs with Feta and Mint Pesto

Crab Fritters with Remoulade

Margherita Pizza with San Marzano Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil (v)

A Good Run Cocktail Party


Visit this site often for updates on what promises to be a fantastic event for a great cause!

A Good Run Cocktail Party is a fundraiser aimed at supporting Angels of Mercy in raising funds and awareness about human trafficking.

Event will be held on August 10th, 2015 at Good Luck Restaurant.  Tickets can be purchased here:

Proceeds from this event will go directly to support the efforts of the Angels of Mercy 3rd Annual 5K run/walk.  Individuals and teams can register for the main event here:

This site will have new posts detailing the exciting additions we will be putting together to make this cocktail party one to remember, and one not to miss out on!

Only 175 tickets, so be sure to get yours today!

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Warm Up Stats

I want to get some good workouts in this week, so I am good and warmed up for the Tour de Cure. (sponsor me if you can!)

Monday funday stats:
Spinning 57 min 474 cal
Abs challenge and stretching 34 min 160 cal
Elliptical 22 min 194 cal
Total 1 hr 53 min 828 cal

Some side notes – the route from my gym to work takes me past the LPGA, which is gearing up as I type.

Also, I am looking forward to my friends’ wedding so much, that I’m thinking it will be a goal point for me to see how much I can lose by then. A fantastic dress will be in store for me, in September!

Get Up and Get On

Well, last week I was all set to run two 5Ks back to back.  The first was on Thursday, for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, and the second was on Saturday, for the Golisano’s Stroll for Strong Kids 5K.  I used to walk the corporate challenge every year, and this was going to be my first time back in a few years.  I was so excited knowing I was going to run it.  Then my body intervened.
A warning to all men and those of the squeamish variety, you may want to stop here.  For those who are prepared to witness the gory details, read on.  By Thursday, I was having major issues.  On Weight Watchers, we call it TOM, or time of the month.  Mine usually lasts 3-4 days.  More than anyone needed to know about me, right?  Well, it turns out that women go through a lot with this one part of being an xy creature.  For some reason, my tom was on it’s 7th day and it was about 10x heavier than I have ever experienced.  This results in a lot of cramps, (blood clots, which are very painful), and a significant blood loss.  Being that it was still going so strong, I thought to call my gyn.  It turns out that she was on vacation, but the nurse practitioner advised me to take 600 ibuprofen every 6 hours, put my feet above my heart and ice my abdomen.  This would hopefully slow things down.
I informed her that I was on my way home to change for a 5K.  Her reaction was “Umm, you really can’t do that.”  Running will make it worse, as I was so happy to learn. (NOT)  So bummed as I was, I didn’t want to pass out on the course, or worse yet, have my pants mysteriously change colors as I crossed the finish line.  Yes, that would be worse.
By Friday morning. I thought it was done, but by the afternoon, I was back in full swing.  By Saturday morning, I was mainly in the clear, but so drained that I had to sleep in and miss the second 5K.  It sucks to sleep in, an action which seems so lazy, but my body just didn’t have the “juice” to get me going.  Grossed out yet?  Don’t worry.  I’m done with that stuff.
Next Sunday I have the Tour de Cure.  I have committed to riding 40 miles, and I am so excited.  I plan to go to the gym at least 2-3 times this week, so I can be warmed up and ready.  In order to have a good week, that typically involves good planning on my part.  Sunday is my day to do that.  Laundry in the dryer, bed stripped, groceries done, kitchen cleaned and prepped stuff for the week.
Here are some fun pics of the food prep.  I seriously could re-invent myself as a chef with no problem.  I did it once and I could so do it again.
Cut up the cantaloupe I bought last week.  So sweet and perfectly ripe.
Portioned out with raspberries on top.  Yum.
Some peanut butter chobani dip and strawberries.  I think I need some more portion containers.
Next, it’s on to spinach salads for the week.  Gotta build up that iron!  Above is my salad spinner.  I love how it folds up like that.  Isn’t that the coolest?
 Fresh spun spinach.  Now that’s some clean eating.
I baked one Wegman’s mojo marinated chicken breast, and one balsamic rosemary.  The mojo, I decided to shred, so it would be pulled chicken.  nom nom nom.  I split each breast into two containers (4 total), separate from the salad, so I can microwave it at lunch and have hot chicken on my salad.  So fantastic!
 Here are my 4 salads.  Spinach, sliced baby bella mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, artichoke hearts, black olives, 2 with parmesan, and 2 with feta.  2 containers of light ranch, and 2 of fat free parmesan italian.
Well, I’m ready for the week, and I have no more room in my fridge!
When I went to go grocery shopping today, I was still feeling tired and I knew how easy it would be to go home and lay on the couch all day.  None of the above would be accomplished and I would be filled with self resentment.  What a way to live!  I had to reject that notion, for the reality of what I wanted for the week.  One of being able to grab what I needed/wanted, having my clothes all put away, my room clean, and everything in nice OCD order.  Much preferred.  Now I still have time to relax, and enjoy my evening.
Dinner for tonight will feature mahi mahi with pineapple mango chutney (Wegs), and steamed broccoli.