Where to Start When to Finish

It’s 9:00 and I am just eating dinner.  I set this blog up, because I am addicted to blogging, and I needed more space.  As you may have read in the description, I started blogging on Weight Watchers.  In January of 2011, I re-joined their online program, and set a goal to lose 124 lbs.  So far, I have lost 64 of that, and have 60 left to go.  The blog that I built on that site dealt with weight watchers community support, fitness, eating healthy, my struggles and successes of the last year, as well as my personal and professional adventures.

The limits of the WW blog site, started to hit my head, or I started to hit that ceiling.  Don’t get me wrong. Weight Watchers is a great community.  The online site has so many tools and resources.  The blog is just not a complete out and out blog.  There is a limit of 2,000 characters.  Only one picture can be posted per blog, and there is no ability to have an rss feed to the blog.  This makes it too limiting for my taste, as I have gotten more and more into wanting to blog.

Here, I plan to expand on my growing interest in fitness, healthy eating, gardening, my house and it’s ever-promising potential.  Yesterday, I spent the day with friends.  We set up our crock pots at one house.  Some were corned beef and cabbage.  Because corned beef is so high in fat (and salt), I decided to try a new dish.  I call it…

Something with Guinness
2 packages of Turkey kielbasa
2 packages of sauerkraut
1 package baby carrots
1 bunch of celery – chopped
1 lbs baby red potatoes – quartered
1 package of sliced baby bellas
1 can Guinness
Slice and brown the sausage in a pan, with garlic powder and pepper.  Put rest of ingredients in crock pot.  Add sausage.  Let sit overnight (optional).  Turn crock-pot on low for 8 hours.
So good!

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