Compared To Me There Are No Bigger Excuses

Spinning 58 min – 550 cal
Elliptical 30 min – 298 cal
Stair master 16 min – 177 cal
Total 1 hr 44 min – 1,024 cal

The thought just came to me, while I was distracting myself on the stair master. I have to stop myself from talking myself out of making it to the gym. At least I used to. Now those thoughts don’t stand a chance. It’s not just don’t go. It’s giving validity to every circumstance that can be used as a reason why eating right or exercising can’t happen. I mean it would have, but _____ happened.

Fill it in how you like. There are constants in our lives. Our morals, our faith, our conviction toward anything that, for us, will never falter. Exercising and being fit is something that should be constant in everyone’s lives. All the excuses I could machinate add up to me being the excuse. Each of them, in and of themselves are nothing. They are a change in schedule. Not a cancellation of our lives.

Yep. 15 minutes on the stair master and that’s what runs through my head for about 2 minutes. Good distraction.

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