Rollin Rollin Rollin

I had to leave the gym early this morning to make an eye appointment. I’m starting to wonder if they are going to dilate my eyes.

I would hope they would warn you if they were going to do that!

I had to come to this specific office to get a particular eye test because I take Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). My regular eye doctor doesn’t have the machine needed for this test. I am so curious. Will I have to read an eye chart in an upside down contraption? Who knows! Doesn’t look like it…
First machine, I stared at an x while they took pictures of my eye.

The next one I had to click a clicker when I saw white lights. So fun. Like whack a mole for your eyes!

Here are my stats:
Total body 57 min – 356 cal
Abs challenge 20 min – 105 cal
Step master 17 min – 173 cal
Total 1 hr 33 min – 634 cal

No this is not my big-ish blog that I am trying to finish.That is still coming…

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