Potentially Pondering Propensity

I have been told that I have a lot of energy when I work out.  Sometimes that I have a lot of motivation, will, or other such noun.  They are all to be thought of as compliments, but I am not sure if they accurately portray what pushes me to work out, even when I don’t want to.

This morning my alarm was set for 5:00 AM.  It did not wake me up.  I don’t know if it didn’t go off, although it was in the alerts banner on my phone.  I didn’t hear anything, but the phone wasn’t on vibrate.  I woke up around 6:15, saw the fail and reset the alarm for later.  My coffee didn’t get the memo, so it still brewed.  I mic’d 1/2 of it, and used a friend’s advice to put the rest over ice.  Very refreshing.  Unpacked clothes from gym bag to get dressed and packed gym clothes.  I would go to the gym after work.  No biggie, it has happened before.  The nice trade off is that I don’t have to finish at any time.  I can go as long as I want.

I pushed through the day, making plans for working this weekend.  Not what I really wanted after the week that needed to end.  One misfortune after another, and I just wanted to wash my hands of it.  When I left work, it was gorgeous outside.  For Rochestarians, we must seize these moments, for they are glorious and few. I decided to stop at wegs and pick up dinner, then go home, change and go for a run outside.  After all, I do have the Flower City 5K next week. 

So run I did!  I was slow, but steady.  Brought a smart water with me, and stopped every once in a while to have a drink.  Used mapmyrun to track it.  Now when I started, I was still going through in my mind how far I wanted to go.  I was very unsure of wanting to keep going.  I started to have to remind myself that I was mentally drained and emotionally drained but my physically body had no reason to be drained. I might think I’m beat and tired and exhausted, but it really was in my head.  So keep running and ignore the stupid head.

By the time I got about 1/2 around my little route, I was really enjoying the run.  Not sure if that had to do with my getting to East Ave, and out of the hood….  Once I got home, I still wanted to do some weights, because today is supposed to be a strength training day.  Every day is cardio.  2 of my 4 workout days are weights.  So I put in Jillian Michael’s Shred It, and chose the advanced workout.  I lasted about 16 minutes, did most of the modifications and had to make some of my own.  Ow.  Then I did my abs challenge.  Can’t be the organizer of a challenge and not do it!  My legs started seizing up, so I had to stop and massage them.  I was also completely beat, so I kept taking breaks.  I didn’t really give a hoot.  Bethany Ever After made it oddly relaxing.  Nevertheless. there my have been no time limit, but eventually I just wanted to be finished. 

So I don’t know if it is a determination or will, pretty sure it’s not energy, but I am more than 1/2 way to my goal of losing 124 lbs.  I am kind of in automatic pilot as much as possible, with taking care of myself and working actively to get where I want.  I have a propensity to move forward.

I was pondering the potential propensity while pedaling my legs around that route tonight.

Running 1 hr 22 min – 982 cal
Shred It Kettlebell Adv 16 min – 184 cal
Abs Challenge 23 min – 165 cal
Total 2 hr 1 min – 1,331 cal

At least the day is almost over, even if the week is still going strong.  It has a propensity to do that, I guess.

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