I’m Not Supposed To Be Here

No this is not an existential crisis, although those can be a good time.  I love a good existential crisis, every now and then.  Reminds you of what is important.  Or not.  Ahhh, I slay me.

This is about waking up with no energy, sleeping 5 minutes too late, and ending up at my coffee pot to find that I brewed water.  Instead of being pissed and saying “screw it, I’m going to be late, so I’m not going”, I re-brewed my coffee and kept getting ready.  My new shoes won’t fit with my insoles, so I went to change back to my old sneaks.  Packaged up the new ones to return after work.

Then I drove to the gym.  Of course, when I got there, I realized that I had driven to the wrong one.  I was supposed to go to the Henrietta gym for spin class, not the Pittsford one, with no class.  Instead of caring, I just went in and worked out.

Treadmill 34 min 353 cal
Elliptical 30 min 283 cal
May abs challenge test and stretching 43 min 214 cal
Total 1 hr 47 min 850 cal

My friend was telling me Friday, that my words of wisdom have rubbed off on her.  Yep I have that kind of awesome, where I rub off on people (in a good way…)  She said that I mentioned in one of my blogs about showing up late to a class.  Last time I was into working out, if I was going to be late to a class, or late to the gym, I would just not go.  Why go if I won’t get the time in?  The whole time.  Now I have changed that attitude.  I would rather show up for some than nothing at all.  So I have a few times shown up to a spin class 10-15 minutes late.  Today, I showed up 10 minutes late and to the wrong gym.  As you can see by the above stats, it really didn’t stop me from getting in a great workout.  There is a reason that they say showing up is 1/2 the battle.  I say it is about 90%.  The other 10% is putting in 120% for the time that you are there 😉

Now I am looking for my next challenge.  My mom is coming up the last weekend of the Lilac Festival, for Mother’s Day.  I also found out that there is a 10K race that Sunday.  It is rare to find a 10K, as far as I know.  I also know that I can finish it, so I really want to register for it.  She said she was cool with me doing it, so I just want to find others to cheer with her, so she isn’t alone.  Beyond that, I need to get some serious bike rides in, to train for the Tour de Cure.  Nervous about that one!

So yes, when I got to the the gym this morning I realized “I’m not supposed to be here”, but I went in anyway and found out I belonged there just fine.  Making it work is the only way to make it work. 


Captain Obvious

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