Sweet Chaos Does Not Reign Supreme

I do. Late getting up, as I’m grabbing my stuff to walk out the door, I knock my coffee mug on the floor. 1/2 my (sweet, hot, yummy) coffee is now tempting Rainey to walk through it. I admit the defeat that I am not making it in time for total body hell this morning. I clean up the mess and get on my way.

Total Body by hot sweaty mess Courtney 1 hr 45 min 953 cal
10 min on treadmill
Arm weights
10 min on stair master
Leg reps
10 min on stepper
3 min on row machine on way out

A lady actually stopped me, and with a heavy accent said ” I see your shirt and I say that is a good workout! You did good.”

I love when random strangers take the time to say something nice like that. Here’s to a sweet, but not chaotic, Friday.

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