Sleep Numbers Divided By Daybreak Stats

I went to my sleep study appointment last night and we reveled in the results of me going cold turkey off my sleep medicine. It did not go well. By last Friday, I had to go back on because I was a zombie.

Now I am back on and weaning myself off in a slower fashion. I am also going to go look at sleep number beds this weekend. Saw a commercial for them and the queen starts at something like $699. Hmmmm.

This morning I finally went back I the gym, having missed spinning class so much. It was quite the accomplishment to get myself out of bed at 5:00 am again.

Spinning 56 min 488 cal
Abs challenge and stretching 31 min 136 cal
Total 1 hr 27 min 620 cal

The abs challenge consists of the following:
50 classic crunches
50 leg raises
50 bicycles
50 back extensions
50 kayaks with a medicine ball
50 advanced wood chops
50 airplanes
50 side bends with a weight
50 clamshell crunches
3 one minute planks

I made this into a Weight Watchers challenge, so the exercises are in a google doc.
Those google docs are handy!

In other news, I ran a 10K on Sunday and came to the conclusion that a 10K is about as far as I want to run in a race. It was good, hot, and a fun challenge.

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