I Feel the Need. The Need For Spinning

I got back to a spinning class last week, and yesterday I was itching for another one. I like getting outside as much as possible in the summer, but there is something about going to the gym. Going to a spin class. It just feels good.

I have to say, the RAC is pretty great for that. With all the different locations, it is pretty likely you can find a class you want, when you want it. I seem to be able to, just within the two locations that I prefer going to.

Stats for this wonderful Tuesday morning:
Spinning 53 min 498 cal*
Abs challenge redux and stretching 34 min 164 cal
Total 1 hr 27 min 665 cal

*I was a little late getting to class. There is no excuse for not showing up, even being late we can still accomplish something.

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