I know, right? Grrrrr. If you look at my ww tracker, I followed the plan so well. I used my DP (daily points), my AP (activity points) and very little WP (weekly points). I had found that this is usually a recipe for a 1-2 lbs loss.

I went to the gym 3 days this week. So what happened? Why a 2 lbs gain??? Well, as I was giving my scale the stink eye, that was my question. I thought to my tracking. If you have a gain, the first place to look is usually how accurately you tracked what you ate. I realized that I went out to eat on Thursday and Saturday. Doesn’t seem like much. I ordered a salmon dish and only ate 1/2. I had a bowl of lentil veggie chili and saved the salad for dinner. There was a margarita and 1/2 a bottle of wine.

Turns out that eating out is so dangerous. Well, I don’t have time to sit around and brood. I have 40 miles to ride for the Tour de Cure, and them I have to pack for going to NYC for the week. Feel free to get those donations in while I am riding!

But what do I do this week? I am going to be primarily eating out this week. If
I gained 2 last week, how will I fair with so little structure. My answer is to do the best I can. Thanks to my friends from the Wall st office, I have a guest pass to the gym. I take the train, so I can pack healthy stuff for the trip. There is no point to giving up. My friends keep reminding me of the big number. I’ve lost 69 lbs. This week, that is my middle number and I am still thrilled. My last number is 1000 this week. I am over the moon with all the support I have gotten for this ride. Not every victory of losing weight is on the scale. Today I will ride 40 miles to support a great cause. Without that middle number, I wouldn’t have a shot at this. My HR director just gave me kudos for doing 40. I said, save that for when I cross the finish line!

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