Yesterday I Found Out I Could Run

After my doctor’s visit, I could only be happy. She said I could exercise if I felt up to it. Yay!! Release the kraken! On my way home I spotted a new coffee house in my neighborhood. How exciting is that? Totally knew I would have to stop on my way home from a run in the near future.

I spent yesterday packing and prepping for camping this weekend, and made plans to mow my lawn and go for a run today. Imagine my sadness to see that it was raining this morning. I stood in my driveway thinking that now I couldn’t do my plans. Then I remembered that runners run in the rain all the time. Sure, my lawn is embarrassing, and I definitely can’t mow it right now. But I can run!

41 min 472 cal

I have too many forces in my path right now, that I had to not let the rain stop me from going for this run. I didn’t go far, only a couple of miles, but it felt good. And I stopped at that new cafe on the way home.

It is called the Greenhouse Cafe, and it looks like a green house and there is one in the back. They are part of Coffee Connection. They sell organic fair trade beans, which they roast themselves, and they are a non-profit organization working to help women recovering from addiction. So awesome.

It was really tough to get myself out for that run, but I just kept moving forward til I was out the door and running. Then it just felt good. I had to turn off the voices that say, you’re tired, you don’t know what’s going on with your health, no one would judge you if you didn’t go exercise. But that’s not really the point. I don’t run, exercise or lose weight for anyone else. Their judgment or acceptance or approval. I do it for the betterment of my life.

Sure, we have lots of tests to run, and meds to take, and we don’t yet know what’s going on. But I can’t control any of that. And focusing on what I don’t know will just be a waste of time. I would rather focus on what I do know. And right now, it’s that I loved that run, and I can’t wait to pack up and go camping. Also, I love my new bed!

Below are some pics of the new cafe.  Imagine how happy I am to have this in my neighborhood!

Looks like a neat greenhouse in the first half.
Step up into the cafe area.
I love these stools!

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