Well Hello There Stranger

Spinning 1 hr 1 min 594 cal
Abs & stretching 25 min 141 cal
Precor 22 min 191 cal
Total 1 hr 48 min 926 cal

My gym started their summer sizzle contest. Last year, every class I was in, instructors were handing out stickers. By the time I caught on, it was silly that I wasn’t doing the contest. I had figured I would do it this year. Well, it just started yesterday, so I’m getting in on late registration. I look forward to that push to keep me focused on the gym for the summer. Normally, it’s winter that’s hard, but I don’t really think it’s a seasonal issue right now.

It felt awesome to be here this morning. Like coming home. I’ve missed you RAC. I’ve missed you.

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