Successive Approximation To Your Goal

My sleep study doctor said this, and I just love it. What a great concept. It means working toward the goal. The act of the working. The progress, the learned knowledge, the work.

Total body 1 hr 1 min 394 cal
Stepper 21 min 216 cal
Total 1 hr 21 min 610 cal

People keep complaining that the 4th is on a Wednesday. I tend to not complain when I’m given a day off. It’s a day off! It’s also a day meant to celebrate our country’s freedom. It’s not a perfect pretty picture tied up in a bow. It’s a history full of wars, lost soldiers, Native Americans, economic depressions, political fighting and at the end of the day the right to vote.

I heard a radio dj say today that she loves the holiday being on a Wednesday. It means two Fridays. If nothing else, that’s a reason to smile.

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