Damned If I Do Damned If I Don’t

Things keep breaking around me, including my body.  To top it off, I’ve been complaining about it a lot, and it’s really starting to piss me off.  Back on the horse this week, I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday, with plans to go Thursday and today.  Wednesday night I got no sleep and didn’t make it to spin on Thursday.  Adjusting my plans to make it up on Saturday.

Last night, I set my alarm, but apparently didn’t set it completely.  So instead of waking up at 5:00 am, I woke up at 6 to Rainey head butting me.  I was working through the reasonings of going back to bed, I missed the total body class, but I need to still go.  The coffee has been brewed, everything is packed and ready.  Just go.

So I did, and without complaining.

Treadmill intervals 33 min 350 cal
Free weights circuit by Courtney 43 min 293 cal
Total 1 hr 16 min 643 cal

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