Rain Rain Go Away

Not really just the rain, although I do have outside plans so I would like the sun to come out.  I set up my plans for this morning to go to a spin class and yoga class at a gym location I haven’t yet been to.  It’s a nice spot.  The spin class was totally hard, but good.  Same with the yoga.

Spinning 55 min 582 cal
Yoga 56 min 224 cal
Total1 hr 51 min 806 cal

I could definitely get used to having this as a Saturday routine, followed by the public market.  That was my plan for today, but since it is raining, I opted for a latte at the Greenhouse Cafe, and breakfast at home.  I was houngry, so that worked out well.  Moving on from the series of unfortunate events over the last few weeks, and hoping to get my momentum going again.  Made it to the gym 4 times this week, earning 4 stickers for the summer sizzle.  Would have been 5, but I missed the class yesterday.  Here’s to rinsing and repeating, next week.

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