Tomorrow Is Not Good Enough, Yet It Comes

Sunday and Monday I got hit with, what I realized by Tuesday was, a lupus flare up. It basically consisted of nausea, dizziness when I stood, and walking more than 20 feet left me winded, as if I had run a marathon.

Friends, family, people online were all saying the same thing. Rest. You can make the marinara sauce tomorrow. You can do your plans tomorrow. What I heard was, you can live tomorrow. I don’t want to rest. I want to do the things I planned.

Once I realized it was a lupus flare, I was actually able to deal with it better and able to see the forrest through the trees. It was not knowing what was causing it, that was so damn frustrating. Just non-descript it-could-be-nothing-but-you-know-it’s-something-and-you-can’t-do-anything-but-sit-and-wait-while-the-day-passes-you-by.

Well, I eventually got to make my uber healthy marinara on Wednesday. I got the idea from pinterest, which was from this site:

Here are all my veggies:

 The appeal of this recipe, is that you just throw everything in a casserole and bake/roast it

All nice and roasted
 Once done, you put it in a blender and voila, marinara.
Probably could use more tomatoes and less other veggies. 
Great on tilapia, excellent with mozzarella grilled cheese. 

Also got myself back to the gym today. It’s hard to not have the whole week’s routine, but the bottom line is that not going at all will be no progress. Going at all is progress. I saw a pinterest pin that said something like that. I liked it. It’s an easy excuse to say that Monday and Tuesday got screwed, so I’ll just get back to working out next week.  That mentality is so easy to let take over, and so detrimental to making progress.  1/2 a week of exercise is stellar compared to no working out.  One day of going for a walk is fantastic, compared to not walking at all.  That’s the bottom line.  Waiting til tomorrow may not be what I would choose, but eventually it will come and I will do something.  I will do what I can.

So here is my something for today:
Spinning 1 hr 1 min 544 cal
Abs and stretching 24 min 101 cal
Total 1 hr 25 min 645 cal

I can’t be too optimistic about a loss on the scale this week, but I finally looked back at my weight loss progress this year. I feel like I haven’t made much progress, towards my goal, this year. Lately, I have been yo-yo’ing a lot.  Turns out that since January I’ve lost about 26 lbs. That’s actually the pace I have been trying to keep. Here’s to another 24 by end of year, to get to 100 lbs down. That much closer to goal. Today, tomorrow, the next day. It will happen.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Not Good Enough, Yet It Comes”

  1. It didn't feel quick, but I guess that is the adjustment in perception that I need to work on. The sauce really is good. I think you all would enjoy it a lot!


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