What Makes You Go?

I finally stopped snoozing, and slowly got up. Spinning and yoga, back to back. But I was so tired. I could sleep. No one would know/care/etc. There are so many ways I can talk myself out of going. So easy to go back to sleep. As I reasoned why I should go, the motivations that should make me want to go, don’t seem to work.

I have a goal, and this will get me closer. I have mini goals, and this is the only way I will reach them. That just doesn’t get me out of bed. Those are all temporary, after all. That means that once I hit any said goal, I can stop. But I can’t, and I don’t want to. I don’t want my motivation to be propelled by a fading target. It has to be everlasting. Permanent. So there it is. The reason to move, to get up and go, is because this is part of me. Part of my day. My entire day will be lifted, because I lifted myself out of bed and pushed myself to move my body. It’s a high that lasts the rest of the day.

My go for today:
Spin 54 min 533 cal
Yoga 59 min 285 cal
Total 1 hr 53 min 818 cal

I’ve only been to these two back to back classes twice now, and I am really liking them. The spin class feels like an advanced class, and I sweat so much. Going right to yoga, it’s an hour of awesome stretching, which I totally need for my joints and muscles. The yoga instructor explains everything. So much so, that I know enjoy downward dog. It used to hurt my wrists, but she explains and demonstrates how to lift up and drop the head between the shoulders. It’s so weird how it works, but it does. I see myself being able to do better poses within just one class.

Fighting that temptation to stay in bed and not go, reaps such a great reward. Sometimes I have that fear. Will I keep this up? What if I stop or fall off track? This worries me less and less, because I keep proving to myself that falling one day has no effect on my ability to get up and move today.

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