I Love Mondays

Facebook is always littered with people saying they hate Mondays, Mondays suck, etc. Well, I was that kid who loved the first day of school, birthdays, Christmas, last day of school. I would jump out of bed and be so excited. It’s hard to sleep the night before, because I’m so psyched!

Ok, so Monday mornings and going back to work does not exactly evoke the same thrill, but I look at every week as another opportunity for fantastic events to unfold. Planned and unplanned. Doesn’t always happen, but I find a lot has to do with how Monday starts off. It’s not a – things went bad, you stubbed your toe, so the week is ruined. But starting off the week on a good note can help set a great tone, for me.

This morning has started off with a nice bang. Got to the gym for my workout. The spin instructor was a sub, and I wanted to leave for like the first 20 minutes. Don’t tell me to just have fun. I showed up at 6:00 am. Kick my butt! No, I’m not riding up a mountain, on a boardwalk, or through sand. I’m not chasing someone. I’m on a spin bike. Don’t tell me to take the level up a tad. Give me a number. That’s my rant, and now I’m done. The thing I love about spin is that it really is your class. I just pushed myself harder than I felt the instructor was going and got a great workout. Not to mention a sticker for the summer sizzle board. Gotta love meaningless motivation. Stickers rule.

So, that’s what I got. Monday’s are great, especially when you jump out of bed excited for what the day will bring.

Spin 1 hr 4 min 581 cal
Abs & stretching 24 min 125 cal
Treadmill 16 min 184 cal
Total 1 hr 40 min 890 cal

I haven’t been doing more cardio after my main workout lately, but I really felt like running, on the treadmill, after abs. It was pretty great. You can’t hear a song like Uprising, by Muse, and not want to run.

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