I was all set to write a post with a gain and then I have a loss. After this week, I didn’t didn’t know what to expect. Made it to the gym 3 times, and made great choices when I was in NYC. Now Saturday, at the shower, I enjoyed spiked pink lemonade with sherbet. Yum. Cake and even a brownie. A small one 🙂

I find that I am mostly good all week, but there is always a day or two that test me. We know that there are no excuses. Nothing is out of our control. It just comes down to how much discipline I have. Those one or two days can affect my progress for the whole week. Whether I power through, am constantly “good” or I give in to what I “want” in the moment, my will to keep working toward my long term goal remains.

August is a month full of camping. I will be doing my best to make sure I get workouts in, and choose the best options for my health, and limit my indulgences. It’s not easy!

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