If you search askew in google, the whole page tilts. That might be me today. It sucks not sleeping at all. Well 1/2 sleeping 1/2 awake. I think I’d rather get 1/2 a night of full sleep. My sleep study doctor wants me to get out of bed and do something, if I don’t fall asleep in 15 min. I never fall asleep that fast. But it’s so hard to get myself to get up and out of bed once I’m there. I have been conditioned that once you’re resting, any rest is good rest. Last night was one of those nights where I laid 1/2 awake the entire night. It’s so hard to get out of bed and go to the gym at 5:00 am after a night like that. I’ve just learned that no amount of staying in bed and trying to sleep will make up for it.

The result is that I was a little late for spin and my stats are a mess. I forgot to stop the spin workout until I got to the locker room, and I forgot to start the abs workout for at least 5 min. Oh well, I actually gave myself credit for showing up today. Here’s to a non-askew Monday.

Stats (albeit loose ones):
spinning 1 hr 2 min 594 cal
Abs and stretching 17 min 78 cal
Total 1 hr 19 min 672 cal

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