Try As I Might

I do. I told myself not to go to spin yesterday, because I had definitely pulled my back on Tuesday. That was fine. I went Monday and Tuesday. I knew I would go today, and Saturday I have back to back spin and yoga. Yesterday on my way home from work, I was feeling my arms. Maybe I shouldn’t go to total body on Thursday. They hurt. Something is up. Then I had that doy moment. Um yeah, they hurt – from total body on Tuesday. They are sore. That means I should definitely go, before they lose that momentum, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s always rough getting up at the a$& crack of dawn, but it really does have a huge effect on my entire day. I feel it in my body, my mood, the accomplishment, not to mention my body feels stretched out and healthier than when I don’t exercise.

Total body 59 min 459 cal
Treadmill walking inclines 31 min 312 cal
Total 1 hr 30 min 771 cal

Excited for the weekend. Hope it is sunny on Saturday!

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