What? Excuse me? What was that? A loss? Are you kidding me?

I keep my eyes open on all rides. Superman is no exception. I even held my arms in the air for almost the whole ride, with the exception of one turn. Even so, I was completely prepared to close my eyes this morning. it could be bad. Camping is always tough, but it’s been great this year, as my friends have embraced snacks like veggies and light dips. Baked chips too. But there are always good drinks. And darn it if they don’t always set me back. Then there was the family picnic.

We are talking real mac salad, potato salad, hot dogs, chicken with the skin on, devil’d eggs, and cake.

Despite all that, I somehow squeezed in a loss. It isn’t much, but it’s huge compared to the gain I had been preparing for.

Whatever I’m doing, it’s working and it’s really fun!

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