Say When

I am on this kick, if you can call it that. Since I have accepted that snoozing too long, waking up late, isn’t an excuse to not get to the gym, I keep showing up late. I still call it a victory, as I showed up. I despised getting up this morning, as I’m sure many do in a Monday. Nevertheless, I mustered up the determination to do what I committed to doing for myself and made it to spin class. I wasn’t at my top form, but I got a descent workout in.
Spinning 53 min 476 cal

After the gym, I had to go to the dealership, as another part of my car handle fell off. When I talked to them on the phone, they seemed to imply that they would fix it. When I got there, the gentleman at the desk immediately said this wasn’t the part of the door they fixed a few weeks ago. I almost lost it. That previous fix set me back over $225. I’ve also had to fix my rotors and my muffler. All in all, about $1,000 in the last month. I’ve only had this car 3 years. I conveyed this to another gentleman, while the first went to check on the price for this new part. By the time he came back, I had won over the 2nd gentleman with my desperation. They are ordering the part and will fix it for free. Just say when.


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