That’s a gain, and I can’t believe it.  Only 1 lbs after yet another week of not tracking, minimal exercising (ie 2 x a week), and camping like a champ.  I looked back at my ww tracker and in the last month I astonishingly netted a loss of .6 lbs.  A month that started with back to back bachelorette parties, which I was hosting.  Then on to a camping free for all with 15 people, pitchers of spiked lemonade, iced tea, drunk gummi bears, banana boats, s’mores, and yummy carb treats (read casseroles, meat and potatoes, candy etc).  Then on to camping at Darien Lake. More fun and more not tracking.  Finally the last camping trip of the season.  Yet more non-tracking and just enjoying myself with friends.

During the week, every week, I was good without tracking.  Now that my summer vacations are done, I am so ready to be officially back on track.  It’s nuts that I didn’t gain this last month, but even so, I have a goal to get to, and I’m not done yet.  I’m going back to tracking, but I am not as strict as I used to be.  I want to be able to eat nutritiously and intelligently without having to track everything, but just to be smart about it.  I also want to get my fitness going to a higher level.  Even more than what or how I am eating, I am motivated to getting myself in better physical fitness.

I plan to make an appointment at my gym for an evaluation.  They will basically take all my measurements, do a physical fitness test, and then make a program for me.  It’s free, and the reason I really want to do it, is two fold.  One, I want to incorporate more weights into my exercise.  More, because I haven’t been doing any lately, and when I was, it wasn’t consistent.  I also like that when I do a program, we can see it’s effectiveness over time. At the end of the program, my measurements get taken again, and I get to see the difference.  That really motivates me to keep on it and see it through.

So that’s it for now.  All in all, I had a great summer vacation season.  Awesome friends, fantastic times. Now’s it’s back to focusing on my goal and continuing towards the finish line.

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