Day 1 of my personal challenge rocked. 42 minutes, 338 cal. It was all arms today, and I’m excited to focus on arms, like that, every week.

Day 2 I thought to do more, but those abs reps actually add up. 43 min 322 cal. I still want to add more cardio. I set the amount for the abs sets to 25 and the plank to 45 seconds. Plan to increase that as well. Did the stair master for my 5 min warm up, the sets and then intervals. Started at 3.5/4.5 and worked up to 4.0/5.0 finishing with pushing a 6.0. I can’t do it for long, because my left foot starts to hurt. I have to really pay attention to my form.

I finished off playing with some other exercises, but I want to get through the first week, before I try adding more exercises on a given day. At least for the strength training part. I ended with some serious stretching. I could stretch for an hour and still be sore.

Day 3 I actually got up at 6:30 on a Saturday, so I could get to the gym and do the day 3 routine before going to spin and yoga. Wasn’t bad at all. Had a hard time balancing in yoga, though. My lyrica prescription is now double, and I think it was making me dizzy. My wrists were also hurting a lot, so I did a lot of modifications. It was still a great class. Bummed that spin is now 45 min instead of an hour, but still a great push. The leg exercises were good too. 2 hrs 24 min 942 cal.

I may have gained this week, but that is just a failed experiment in not tracking.  I’m ok with it, because I am just trying to figure out healthy eating without having to track everything every moment of the day.  I would like it to be a little more “organic” (despite the bad rap organic is getting lately).

Here’s to another week experimenting!

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