Week 4, and I’m really glad I made it this far. I may not have the losses to prove it, but I have the sore muscles. Day 1, and I’m late again for spin. 45 minutes in, and it was good. My insomnia has been really bad, and its not getting better. My sleep study doctor is asking my neurologist if he will approve me for an in center sleep study. She thinks I am having occult sleep issues, like periodic leg movements or bursts of waking up, just when I’m about to fall asleep all the way. Either way, my sleep is crap and I’m exhausted.  Typically it is not very easy to get an in center sleep study approved, unless they suspect apnea.  Not the issue.

Despite wanting to sleep for 3 days straight, I still got my workout in. Increased some of the weights For my arms. Added bench pull ups, where you prop yourself on your hands, sitting in the air off a bench. Sit down further, using triceps to lift you back to sitting. Then I did a chest press and tricep weight over the head. 1 hr 34 min 732 cal. Since I have volleyball tomorrow at 9:30, I am going to try for abs day tomorrow.

Day 2 I snoozed and accepted that I wasn’t going to make 5:45 spin. There can be no snoozing if your going to make 5:45 spin. I ended up changing the alarm to 6. Today is an “I showed up” day. I am so tired I could fall asleep anywhere. I don’t really care where it is. A closet, a desk… I warmed up with 10 min on the stair master, and then did the abs routine. Held the planks for 1 min each, moving up from 45 sec. I added some medicine ball twists, and ball leg lifts, but those were hurting my lower back, even with my hands supporting, and my hip started clicking. It’s not the bone, I have been told. It is a tendon that is really tight and it is going over the bone. Gross. I stretch like crazy, but it seems is always tight. Not a stellar day, but I’m taking my gold star and I’m going to hug it all day til I get to go back to bed lol. 41 min 249 cal.

Day 3 was to be Friday. Thursday I was working until about 12:30, so I was not in shape for waking up in the morning. I brought my gym bag with me, prepared to hit the gym after wok. At about 9:45, I left work to pick up dinner and get back online at home, finishing up at about 1:30. Saturday I had another 4 hours of work, and was going to go at some point during the day, but ended up taking somewhat of a work interrupted mental day. So Sunday became my Friday. I hit the gm today and got my legs taken care of. 10 minutes on the stepper, 10 on the stair master, 20 on the precor, day 3 leg routine and then added some other leg stuff and lots of stretching. 1 hr 14 min 630 cal.

The weigh-in is actually for Friday.  I decided to change my weigh in day, as Sunday was becoming stressful for me.  We will see how it goes.  Yet another experiment in getting to my goal.  I worked about 60 hours this week, and I have more to do today.  If there is one thing I hate about my job, it’s that when I’m busy, it takes over my life.  The short of it is that when everything gets pushed off, it ends up meaning that we are up against a deadline.  That results in me working all hours of the night and weekends.  It is the biggest negative in what I do, and is definitely something that makes me want to change my career.  Not that it would be that simple.  I just hate that my career is one where if things are “going good” that means my health suffers and my personal life goes to the dogs.

For now, it is what it is, so I ride the wave, and hope for a more calm week next week.

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