Week 5 Day 1 – Looks like I’m sticking to this routine and I made it to 5:45 spin. Ok I snoozed once and was 5 min late, but hey I got a great workout in. The machines at the Pittsford rac are mostly new, so I had an interesting time picking extra arms to do. Still did the chair dips. Those kill, but I will get rid of that goodbye flab! The other ones I did, the machine moves with you. I did a tricep one and a chest press. 1 hr 30 744 cal

Tuesday night I found out, 10 minutes before I was to leave work, that I had to go on a trip the next day.  What?  There goes my week.  Fly out Wednesday morning and back Thursday night.  Yikes!  Way to screw up my routine.  I did my best to make it work, ordered salads and kept it light.  The first day there, lunch was provided.  Chicken wings and fried chicken.  Great.  Yep, I ate them, just did my best to keep the portion small.

Day 2 – Yes, even on an overnight trip, I took advantage of the fitness facility and got my workout in.  I did 10 minutes on a precor doing intervals at a high rate.  Then I did my abs, followed by 15 intervals on the treadmill.  Since no one was in the room, I didn’t even need my headphones.  Got to watch CNN and do my thing.  It was pretty sweet.  I can see the appeal of having a home gym, with a flat screen and all sorts of equipment, weights, etc.  hahaha. 50 min 326 cal

After I was done,  I got ready for the day and went downstairs to the continental breakfast.  I had the best breakfast I think one could have for free at a hotel.  Scrambled eggs with some mildish hot sauce, a piece of toast with some peanut butter, a small yogurt and a banana.  It was fantastic.

Friday morning I weighed in with absolutely no idea how my week of doing my best, nutrition wise, and keeping up my workout routine.  With a 1.8 loss, I am pretty stoked.   I am climbing back to the 70s and really working towards those 80s.

Day 3 – I snoozed a lot because this week kind of took a lot of energy out of me, mostly mentally.  I still got up, knowing my favorite spin and yoga classes wouldn’t wait for me.  Got there just in time, as the instructor was coming in.  45 minutes of cycling, and then right over to yoga.  Yoga was so great.  We did some of the best stretches, and I really got to work my legs.  This fit in well, since it is legs day.  We did pigeon, which is where you have one leg crossed in front of you, and the other leg straight behind you, then you fold forward on the mat.  I feel like I could do that for an hour on each side.  After class, I did my leg routine and then did pigeon for like 2-3 minutes on each side.  Yowser! 2 hr 4 min 867 cal

Now my weigh in is in the middle of my workout week, which is kind of weird, but I’m going with the flow and letting it happen as organically as it can.  I figure if I don’t try to make everything fit, I will have room to grow and get better in different areas, so since it feels good I won’t fight it.  I have 1 more week of this routine, so I will be going back to that sight to grab the intermediate routine and will post it on here, like I did the last one.  Pretty excited to start a different routine, with different exercises!

Here’s to going in the right direction and not giving up!

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