Picking Up the Pieces: Where to Go From Here

I want to blame so many people.

The media, for giving Trump so much coverage, because he boosted their ratings.  Journalists are supposed to report with integrity, not with selling out for clicks. But they did the latter.

The people who backed Bernie Sanders, and then turned their back on the Democratic Party, when he didn’t win the nomination. So many of them voted 3rd party, voted Trump, or didn’t vote at all.

The people who didn’t vote, and don’t vote.  Bill Maher said it best. You are a derelict of your duty as a citizen. You are not clean. You did not absolve yourself. You allowed the rest of the country to be your voice. Hope you like how it sounds.

The Democrats, who got complacent and arrogant.

The racists and white supremacists, who think the country is better white, than diverse.

Myself. I took the day off work, to volunteer with the Democratic party.  I helped answer phones and assist people trying to vote. I should have campaigned more, earlier on.  But I live in a blue state, and didn’t think I needed to work that hard.  I figured the campaign for Hillary Clinton had so much money, that they would be fine. Everyone said, despite my concerns leading up to Election Day, that she had it in the bag.  They were wrong, and I was wrong.

I have no one to blame, but myself.

I’m devastated. I cried this morning. I am scared for the safety and freedom, of my family and my friends. I’m scared for the safety of the protestors/protectors in North Dakota. I’m scared for Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, immigrants, and LGBT.  My concern now, is that we are so divided. So many who were supporting Hillary, or at least were not wanting Trump, will be angry. They will be depressed.  How do we pick ourselves up? How do we move forward?

My Love told me to smile this morning, as we were leaving for work. She kept saying to me, as we were getting ready, that it would be ok. I felt like she was just trying to make me feel better, but I know she meant it.  We do have a constitution, and we do have laws governing us.  So here is what we have. 4 years.  4 years for us to break down our issues, and deal with them.  Our democracy worked last night, but not as well as it should.  We can work on that, but it will take all of us rolling up our sleeves and waking up to our responsibility.  It was proven last night, that you can’t improve the system, by simply trying to control the top of the pile. We must start from the foundation.  This means getting involved in local elections.

For the next 4 years, if we improve voter registration and turn out, we can reshape our democracy for the better, so that we are ready for the next Presidential election. Or we can all turn our backs on this democracy, and watch it falter. I hope we don’t do that.  I hope we stand up and come together. We must find common ground, so that all Americans are treated equally, respected equally, and given equal opportunity to succeed.

That is the American dream, and I hope America doesn’t give up on that.

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