Stalling Stats

I am still working on my weekend blog, which is plaguing me like my ever expanding to-do list.

Here are my stats for today:
Total body 1 hr 1 min – 427 cal
Abs challenge 20 min – 104 cal
Treadmill 5 min – 64 cal
Total 1 hr 26 min – 595 cal

Total body was really good. It’s great when we do lots of reps and then Pilates at the end.

Perfect score for Abs Challenge. First day I’ve done that.

Only had 5 min left, so I ran at a 5.0 on the treadmill, the entire time. I usually go at a 4.5 pace.

All in all, a stellar workout.

And then…. We went down hill. I don’t know if I lost my zen, but I was about to lose my s$&t. I went to get dressed, at the gym, and my zipper in my dress got stuck in the fabric. 10 minutes later, I conceded to the zipper/fabric victory, and proceeded to put my gym clothes back on. Over my stockings.

I had to get to my gyn appt. So that is right by my work. I’m late, getting here, but they graciously accepted my wardrobe malfunction story. Now I’m going to be super late for work, as I have to go back home and get a new outfit.

It looks like my little omen buddy decided to stick around. We are getting to be friends, and my ability to do basic functions (like getting dressed) is going out the window.

I’m getting my zen back, though. Zen and the art of getting by, by Me. 🙂

My Light Switch Fell Off In My Hand

I’m serious. My alarm went off at 5:00. I snoozed and then decided to face the day. I went to turn the switch on my light, and it came off in my hand. Hoping it’s not an omen for the day, or week.

I wanted to throw my HRM against the wall, during spin, as it kept registering my hr either over 200 or at 0. In the end, the stats seemed reasonable, except that it was a really tough class. I probably did way better than it says, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

Spinning 59 min- 489 cal
Abs challenge 16 min – 93 cal

Have a good, omen free Monday!

Tour de Cure

I have lots to blog about, but for now I just wanted to get this one important post up.

I am training for the Tour de Cure, which I did last year and am doing again this year.  Diabetes affects so many people, and it has touched my life as well. 

If you can support me, it would mean a lot.  No amount is too small!

I am aiming to ride 40 miles!  Hopefully you can ride with me in spirit!

Spoons and Holes

I read an article about lupus and spoons. I will post it later. The end result is that when my alarm went off this morning, at 5:00am, I snooze for 10 minutes. 10 minutes of trying to reason how I could cancel my day and sleep til tomorrow. Of course that would become the next day, and the next and the next. My laundry list of to-do’s jumped through my head and I got up at the next snooze. It was like pulling a freight train with your muscles not flexed.

Since I gained 5 lbs at the conference last week, I am determined to get back on track. I also need to not overwhelm myself with the need to work out as much as I want to. It is a contradiction, I know. I want to work out for hours, but it overwhelms my system.

I did less today, but it is part of me scaling back, while still being active. I hope to phase back some of the length of my workouts and eventually add another day. So, the goal is to get activity in 5-6 days a week. Instead of 2 hrs 4 x a week, it will be more like 1 hr 5 x a week.

Stats for today:
Spinning 56 min – 497 cal
Abs challenge 22 min – 115 cal
Total 1 hr 18 min – 612 cal

Here is the blog I was reading:
Operation Deflate My Buddah (Love the title)

She references this article:
The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino

I don’t have it as bad as her, but I totally get the lack of spoons!  Oddly enough, I encountered something interesting this morning.  After my workout, I decided to go into the steam room, before my shower.  I usually don’t like these, because it gets hard for me to breath, before I am in there for very long.  I wondered what the benefits actually are, for sitting in a steam room.

So of course, I looked it up:

Benefits of a Steam Room

I have to say, I stayed in there about 5-10 minutes, past that initial dis-comfort I had.  I made myself breath in and out, in and out.  Upon leaving, it was as if there were spoons in my lungs, my skin, and my muscles.  It was great.  Of course, I used up some showering and getting to work, but I still feel better than I did waking up, and pushing the proverbial boulder through my workout.

I may just have to add this into my routine more often.

Taking Life on The Road

I travel every once in a while, for work.  Last week I had to go to Florida for a conference.  I know, what a hard life!  It is a great opportunity, but not everything people like to think it is.  Oh, I’m not complaining, but for someone working to lose 124 lbs, it can be a death trap spiral of conference food, eating out, room service and late nights, resulting in a bad week of will power etc.

Let’s see if I can recount the week with as much “color” as possible.  Friday night, March 30th, I went to see Hunger Games, with my friend and her son.  It was great.  I really felt that they didn’t change much more than 1 fact, and I thought that actually helped the story on the big screen.  We went out to eat at a dim sum place, which had some great food.  Shumai is probably my favorite dim sum dish, and wasabi shumai is not to be passed up!

My fortune, how opportune, seeing as I would be traveling the next day!

I packed that night, when I got home, and flew out the next day.  I had packed some fruit, and had breakfast for cereal.  I know boring, but it is important to account for my making intelligent choices going into the trip.  I was trying.  I had also packed some 100 calorie packs, so I would have healthy”-ish” options at the hotel.  My initial flight was delayed, but luckily I was on my connecting flight.  I had to get off the plane with everyone else so the crew could clean and change shifts.  That was fine with me, because I wanted to pick up lunch.  It would help me avoid the plane snacks (potato chips or cookies…) My layover was at JFK (Jetblue terminal 5).  They have these great Cibo Express shops, which have some really healthy options.  At least, some of them look healthy!

I checked this one salad, which had so much fat, I wondered why they bothered with the lettuce.  Just give me a burger!

 Cobb salads are deceivingly bad!!
Then I found this awesome Asian salad.
It was 7 pp on WW and it was sooo good!
 And notice, I got a smart water.  So smart!  
When I arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport, I had to go grab the rental car, and then ended up back around at the terminal, just as my colleague was coming down the escalator.  We went to a DD, while we waited for our other colleague.  I got a small skim coolata, and was kind of proud of myself for ordering the small.  I always order bigger.  It was a good thing I did, because it was 16 oz!  Since when is that a small????
After we got to the hotel and checked in, we ended up down at a sports bar for dinner.
 The lobby of the hotel/resort.  Incredible!  Not my best pic, but a year ago (and 60 lbs more) would have been worse!
 I ordered a mango martini, (bad choice!)
  and we all ended up switching drinks, so I ended up with a cosmo.  Still not good!
 Don’t forget the dirty beefeater on the rocks, with olives, after that….

Then we got calamari, and another app (can’t remember).  I ordered fish for dinner, so at least I tried to be good! 

Sunday I weighed in for the previous week.  Yes, I brought my scale to Florida.  I always take it with me if I am traveling on a Sunday, so I can still weigh in.  No excuses!  I had only lost .4 lbs, but I have learned to always be happy when the direction is down!

We had a 6 hour seminar from 10:30 – 4:30.  It sucked to be stuck in a room getting ready for a certification exam, when we could go out on a balcony during breaks and see people swimming in the pools and in the ocean.  Such torture!  The class was good though.  The instructor is an attorney.  She was really knowledgeable and keep the material moving.  If  it weren’t for her, I might have not been able to stay awake for the full class!

The  buffet style lunch featured all sandwiches, with carb heavy breads, chips and cookies.  It’s like an obstacle course for unhealthy eating!

 Spot the fruit bowl in the middle.  
I did grab an apple.  I did not grab any cookies or chips…. Until the end of the conference.  They had a table with coffee and leftover cookies.  I grabbed a piece of a cookie that was on the tray. I couldn’t resist!  I was about 1/4 of a cookie, but we all know everything adds up!
 After the seminar that lasted all day, we stopped down by the beach and got a drink.  
I started with a margarita, and then had a red stripe.  Please note, this isn’t to take note of anything more than all the obstacles for someone trying to lose weight.  It is so hard to go out and be around all of the food and drink, and not give in to ANY of it!
That night we ventured out and ended up at a Turkish restaurant.  Yum!  Middle Eastern is my favorite cuisine!
Appetizer tray we split.  Yum!
 My dish with some of the yummy food.  Such art!
 We split a chef’s combo, with lamb, chicken and beef.  
It was yummy and probably not very healthy.  We also split a bottle of wine.
Despite the long day, I was still up the next morning at dawn (5:30), to go for a run!

The hotel had 2 routes to run.  One was 3 miles and the other was 5.  Since I am doing a 5k at the end of April, I was committed to taking the opportunity to run outside.  I was so surprised that I ran 4.82 miles on Monday!  I was shooting for the 3 miler.  
The cool thing about both routes is that they take you to this boardwalk. 

P.S. this is all in Hollywood, FL.  The resort was Westin -great place!  The trick is that you have to run 1 mile before you get to this pretty boardwalk.  If you are doing the 3 mile route, you only go down it for 1/2 a mile and then turn around.  Hence the inclination to keep going.
The view from my hotel when I got back to my room.
View looking straight down, to infinity pool, and another pool that went underneath, perpendicular.  I was on the 26th floor!

Pretty much every morning, I got an egg white omelet with veggies and turkey.  One morning I forgot to ask for egg whites and ended up with real eggs.  I was never good about the toast, and used butter.  Usually jelly/preserves too.  The breakfast came with breakfast potatoes.  Once I  broke down and ask for hash browns.  So bad!

Lunch the first day was not healthy.

Of course the obligatory roll with butter.  I have no will with these temptations!
The lunch was a chicken cordon blue.  
Lesson to self – I saw that another person at our table let the waiter know “I ordered a vegetarian option.”  I’m having lightbulb!!!  In the future, I need to remember to choose vegetarian for any conference type foods!  It will always be less likely to be unhealthy, and help me to control my points!
I did resist this cheesecake-ish  dessert, thanks to my colleague who quickly thought to turn it down.  This encouraged me to do the same!
We did get time at the end of one day to go jet-skiing, which was so cool!
I had never been before and it was so fun!
Of course we had to go back up and get dressed again for cocktails and networking, not too long after.  (read here – more drinks, apps, etc)
The next morning (Tuesday), I was up again and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and the Abs challenge (which I discussed in a previous post).  For my normal workouts this is abysmal, but I was at least satisfied that I got up and did something.
My dress for the next day, pretty!  lol
Tuesday’s lunch featured salad and seafood in a vinaigrette sauce.  Much better!
 My Tuesday outfit.
Colleagues surprised me with dessert at the place where we went for dinner, as my birthday was the next day (Wednesday).
Birthday present to myself?  Why getting up at 5:30 and going for that 5 mile run, of course! I did it, too.  My time on mapmyrun was really bad, because I stopped a lot.  Potty break, more water, and my brother and his kids called to sing me happy birthday. Best way to start your birthday, in my book!  All the kids kept saying “I love you”, and then one chimes in with “I love you most!”
You can’t help but smile.
Best birthday present ever!!  
Conference ended at noon, and I got to meet up with my Uncle!  Doesn’t he look good??  We went sight seeing and to dinner.  It was great to catch up, as I haven’t seen him in a couple of years.
We checked out a shop just for small dogs, with costumes and jewelry and pampering for them.
Jeb Bush is apparently a customer there…
Pretty clouds on the way home.  
And guess what? The plane did not go down when I took this picture.  In fact, nothing at all ever happens even though I never turn my phone off on a flight. Huh.  Weird. 
The conference was awesome, all in all.  Exhausting.  Over 30 pages of notes that I am working to make into something useful for my firm.  I am a dork and a geek.  I have charts and drawings that I will put to use from this conference! 
As much as these conferences are so difficult for losing weight, I have to learn to navigate all work travel, so that I don’t back slide every time I have to go out of town.  I need to really re-enforce that it is not a vacation, for eating, exercising, or otherwise.
Of course, as I was so tired Thursday, I slept from like 5 til the next day.  I didn’t pack breakfast or lunch.  No worries, my IT group had planned a party for one of our team members (having a baby).  I think I had about 8 chocolate chip cookies, who knows how much monkey bread, etc.  There was no will, just id (ego/super ego).
Saturday, my friends and I went out for tapas (yum!) and then bowling.  Awesome Wegman’s fruit torte (yum again).  Then for a drink at the local watering hole.  It was great to see everyone and celebrate my 34th with them.  Some wonderful presents!!! A beautiful bowl from Key West, a wine rack, bulbs to plant, a Rochester Public Market recipe and story book (I love the market!), and more!
Sunday I weighed in, and alas the week had caught up with me.  I gained 5 lbs.  My friend had said last night that she can gain that much on a vacation.  This person has a masters in PE Administration.  She works out like a maniac and is totally fit.  I had to accept that if she can gain 5 lbs from a week of rich food and excessive eating, I was not going to be immune.
Onward and upward!
On Sunday, I set out to do some yard work.  This is the before…
This is the after!  
I used a Home Depot gift card to get dirt and mulch, as well as those Japanese pieris’, and I planted the bulbs.  Irises and lilies.  Can’t wait for them to come up!
Now I’ve got a non-profit endeavor that I am focusing on, the Flower City 5 K, Tour de Cure, and my friends’ bridal shower and bachelorette parties to plan.  Oh and friends are coming over next Sunday to work on my yard with me.  More pics to come as that unfolds!!!

Rollin Rollin Rollin

I had to leave the gym early this morning to make an eye appointment. I’m starting to wonder if they are going to dilate my eyes.

I would hope they would warn you if they were going to do that!

I had to come to this specific office to get a particular eye test because I take Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). My regular eye doctor doesn’t have the machine needed for this test. I am so curious. Will I have to read an eye chart in an upside down contraption? Who knows! Doesn’t look like it…
First machine, I stared at an x while they took pictures of my eye.

The next one I had to click a clicker when I saw white lights. So fun. Like whack a mole for your eyes!

Here are my stats:
Total body 57 min – 356 cal
Abs challenge 20 min – 105 cal
Step master 17 min – 173 cal
Total 1 hr 33 min – 634 cal

No this is not my big-ish blog that I am trying to finish.That is still coming…

Back to The Good Ole So-And-So Factory

I owe a post on my travels last week, to Florida for a conference. For now, here are my stats:

Spinning 57 min – 548 cal
Abs Challenge 20 min – 104 cal
Treadmill 33 min – 348 cal
Total 1 hr 50 min – 1,000
Couldn’t have done that better if I tried, well actually I did try there. First getting up at 5:00 (5:20), then getting a bike that worked, pushing through the abs and finally running those intervals on the treadmill. I’m exhausted and
I haven’t even gone to work yet!

Happy, Monday!!!

Compared To Me There Are No Bigger Excuses

Spinning 58 min – 550 cal
Elliptical 30 min – 298 cal
Stair master 16 min – 177 cal
Total 1 hr 44 min – 1,024 cal

The thought just came to me, while I was distracting myself on the stair master. I have to stop myself from talking myself out of making it to the gym. At least I used to. Now those thoughts don’t stand a chance. It’s not just don’t go. It’s giving validity to every circumstance that can be used as a reason why eating right or exercising can’t happen. I mean it would have, but _____ happened.

Fill it in how you like. There are constants in our lives. Our morals, our faith, our conviction toward anything that, for us, will never falter. Exercising and being fit is something that should be constant in everyone’s lives. All the excuses I could machinate add up to me being the excuse. Each of them, in and of themselves are nothing. They are a change in schedule. Not a cancellation of our lives.

Yep. 15 minutes on the stair master and that’s what runs through my head for about 2 minutes. Good distraction.