For Freddie Gray

I want justice, for Freddie Gray.

I don’t think radicalized is the word I would use, to describe Baltimore. ( Baltimore seems to be a city at an epi-center of what I would say are polarized communities across America. I say polarized, because there are divides in the community. I don’t know if this is the reality for people in Baltimore, but that is how the media is portraying it.

I want justice, for Freddie’s Gray.

I want my fellow citizens to have equal protection by the police who bravely serve our communities. I want the police who serve our communities, and pledge to protect all citizens, to do so with such vigilance, that they hold their fellow officers to the same. I want to hold my fellow citizens to the standard we all strive for, and to stand for our rights together. I want elected officials, appointed judiciaries, and officers of our armed forces to protect and represent all of us. That is the true American Dream, for me,

I want justice, for Freddie Gray.
I want equality for ALL my fellow citizens.

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