Getting Motivated on My Day Off

Is like going on a diet in a chocolate shop. Nevertheless, I got myself to the gym. I came, I ran, I sweat. Now I feel like the me I want to be. Not at home
wishing I had done “something” with my day. I ran the whole time, pushing the little voice out of my head that wanted to stop running and just walk. After a while I knew I had it in me to finish what I started. It was just 30 minutes on the treadmill, but now my heart got a workout, and that energy will hopefully propel the doings of the other stuff I want to do today.

Treadmill 37 min 406 cal

You Do What You Can Do

Someone actually just said that, in the locker room. It sounds easy. It actually is. The hard part is being honest with yourself, looking in the mirror and deciding if what you can do is a minimum effort, or everything you’ve got.

Today it put out minimum effort if getting myself out of bed on time, but I gave it all I’ve got on the bike.

Spin 55 min 626 cal

You do what you can do. What else can you do?

Mischief Managed

A fellow bridesmaid and I just finished pulling off back to back bachelorette parties for our friends. They were both excellent and I’m so psyched that we pulled them off. I have plans for a blog on the most incredible experience in bad customer service that you could imagine. One of the parties was to be at a restaurant. A classy, nice dinner with friends. Well, I have some emails and a voicemail to get together, and then I will hopefully get this “review” post up. It is so needed.


Abs & stretching 23 min 97 cal
Spinning 56 min 505 cal
Total 1 hr 19 min 602 cal


“totally worth it.” That’s what I planned to post because I was aiming for that kind of result this week. I didn’t work out, I ate whatever I wanted, and wished myself a pound down. Don’t try this at home, kiddies. Now, a month of camping. 3 back to back trips. It’s double sticker week at the gym, so I’m going to rock it every chance I can. Let’s see if I can wish it and work for it.


I had my pity party. Was tempted to go back to bed. I only had one “bad” day this whole week, and it was yesterday. I had 20 activity points and all my weekly points to use. There is no way I had all that. I wasn’t even that bad. I only had 3 drinks the entire day.

Oh well, enough bitching. All I can do is “keep on keepin on”, as an fb friend said.

Get Those Marshmallows A Toastin

Today my friends and I are doing a meet and greet picnic. We put together an annual camping trip, and the meet and greet gives us all a chance to meet everyone, as each year new people are invited.

The next month is filled with bachelorette parties, camping, a concert and oodles of fun. I won’t be able to make my new tradition of Saturday morning back to back spin and yoga, which is going to be rough, so I’ll have to be diligent with getting my workouts in elsewhere.

It was great going today, and getting it in while I can.

Spin 1 hr 598 cal
Yoga 57 min 302 cal
Total 1 hr 57 min 900 cal

Try As I Might

I do. I told myself not to go to spin yesterday, because I had definitely pulled my back on Tuesday. That was fine. I went Monday and Tuesday. I knew I would go today, and Saturday I have back to back spin and yoga. Yesterday on my way home from work, I was feeling my arms. Maybe I shouldn’t go to total body on Thursday. They hurt. Something is up. Then I had that doy moment. Um yeah, they hurt – from total body on Tuesday. They are sore. That means I should definitely go, before they lose that momentum, or whatever you want to call it.

It’s always rough getting up at the a$& crack of dawn, but it really does have a huge effect on my entire day. I feel it in my body, my mood, the accomplishment, not to mention my body feels stretched out and healthier than when I don’t exercise.

Total body 59 min 459 cal
Treadmill walking inclines 31 min 312 cal
Total 1 hr 30 min 771 cal

Excited for the weekend. Hope it is sunny on Saturday!

Pushing Against Nothing

While brushing my teeth, I started to not feel good. Once I put my sneakers on, the backs of my heels hurt. During total body, it felt like I pulled the left side of my back. Moving forward, despite the discomfort, tends to show it wasn’t legitimate pain. It was more a Randy Pausch test of how much I wanted to do what I set out to do.

Total body 59 min 490 cal
Precor swingy thing 29 min 267 cal
Total 1 hr 28 min 757 cal


If you search askew in google, the whole page tilts. That might be me today. It sucks not sleeping at all. Well 1/2 sleeping 1/2 awake. I think I’d rather get 1/2 a night of full sleep. My sleep study doctor wants me to get out of bed and do something, if I don’t fall asleep in 15 min. I never fall asleep that fast. But it’s so hard to get myself to get up and out of bed once I’m there. I have been conditioned that once you’re resting, any rest is good rest. Last night was one of those nights where I laid 1/2 awake the entire night. It’s so hard to get out of bed and go to the gym at 5:00 am after a night like that. I’ve just learned that no amount of staying in bed and trying to sleep will make up for it.

The result is that I was a little late for spin and my stats are a mess. I forgot to stop the spin workout until I got to the locker room, and I forgot to start the abs workout for at least 5 min. Oh well, I actually gave myself credit for showing up today. Here’s to a non-askew Monday.

Stats (albeit loose ones):
spinning 1 hr 2 min 594 cal
Abs and stretching 17 min 78 cal
Total 1 hr 19 min 672 cal