Sweet Chaos Does Not Reign Supreme

I do. Late getting up, as I’m grabbing my stuff to walk out the door, I knock my coffee mug on the floor. 1/2 my (sweet, hot, yummy) coffee is now tempting Rainey to walk through it. I admit the defeat that I am not making it in time for total body hell this morning. I clean up the mess and get on my way.

Total Body by hot sweaty mess Courtney 1 hr 45 min 953 cal
10 min on treadmill
Arm weights
10 min on stair master
Leg reps
10 min on stepper
3 min on row machine on way out

A lady actually stopped me, and with a heavy accent said ” I see your shirt and I say that is a good workout! You did good.”

I love when random strangers take the time to say something nice like that. Here’s to a sweet, but not chaotic, Friday.

London Fog Comes to Rochester

One of the facilities guys at my office told me recently that the London fog was not actually fog. It came from the early years of the industrial revolution and the smog that resulted.

There was a great fog over Rochester this morning. Couldn’t even see downtown.

Spinning 58 min 536 cal
Abs redux challenge and stretching 35 min 161 cal
Total 1 hr 33 min 697 cal

Have a foggy, but not smoggy day.

I’m Not Supposed To Be Here

No this is not an existential crisis, although those can be a good time.  I love a good existential crisis, every now and then.  Reminds you of what is important.  Or not.  Ahhh, I slay me.

This is about waking up with no energy, sleeping 5 minutes too late, and ending up at my coffee pot to find that I brewed water.  Instead of being pissed and saying “screw it, I’m going to be late, so I’m not going”, I re-brewed my coffee and kept getting ready.  My new shoes won’t fit with my insoles, so I went to change back to my old sneaks.  Packaged up the new ones to return after work.

Then I drove to the gym.  Of course, when I got there, I realized that I had driven to the wrong one.  I was supposed to go to the Henrietta gym for spin class, not the Pittsford one, with no class.  Instead of caring, I just went in and worked out.

Treadmill 34 min 353 cal
Elliptical 30 min 283 cal
May abs challenge test and stretching 43 min 214 cal
Total 1 hr 47 min 850 cal

My friend was telling me Friday, that my words of wisdom have rubbed off on her.  Yep I have that kind of awesome, where I rub off on people (in a good way…)  She said that I mentioned in one of my blogs about showing up late to a class.  Last time I was into working out, if I was going to be late to a class, or late to the gym, I would just not go.  Why go if I won’t get the time in?  The whole time.  Now I have changed that attitude.  I would rather show up for some than nothing at all.  So I have a few times shown up to a spin class 10-15 minutes late.  Today, I showed up 10 minutes late and to the wrong gym.  As you can see by the above stats, it really didn’t stop me from getting in a great workout.  There is a reason that they say showing up is 1/2 the battle.  I say it is about 90%.  The other 10% is putting in 120% for the time that you are there 😉

Now I am looking for my next challenge.  My mom is coming up the last weekend of the Lilac Festival, for Mother’s Day.  I also found out that there is a 10K race that Sunday.  It is rare to find a 10K, as far as I know.  I also know that I can finish it, so I really want to register for it.  She said she was cool with me doing it, so I just want to find others to cheer with her, so she isn’t alone.  Beyond that, I need to get some serious bike rides in, to train for the Tour de Cure.  Nervous about that one!

So yes, when I got to the the gym this morning I realized “I’m not supposed to be here”, but I went in anyway and found out I belonged there just fine.  Making it work is the only way to make it work. 


Captain Obvious

Zzzz Over P Divided By Awake

I started a sleep study last night, and am now keeping a sleep journal. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m glad. I thought it was going to be “here is the list of dos and don’ts in bed. Now come back when you master that list and are getting 8 squares a night.”

I don’t think so! Well, this is much more in depth. Filling out the journal is kind of like taking a personality test, and I love taking those!

I go back in two weeks, so we will see.

Total body 58 min 371 cal
Abs challenge and stretching 25 min 91 cal
Total 1 hr 23 min 462 cal

“We’ll open up in Santa Fe, and forget this bohemian hell.”

What’s Gained is Lost, What’s Lost is Gained

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to a conference and gained 5 lbs.  Last week, I stayed on track like a champ, and lost 7 lbs.  Great comeback, if I do say so myself.  I mentioned that my ultra fit friend has told me about going on vacation and gaining 5 lbs.  She also has told me that she will lose it the next week.  It’s so great to accomplish this myself.  It’s a huge confidence builder that I can have a “vacation week”, where I may not be perfect, and bounce back.

Some may or may not know that I have been here before.  I did Weight Watchers a few years ago.  After losing 85 lbs, I started to get sick all the time and fell off the tracks.  The reaction seemed to be that it was all in my head.  I was getting lazy.  I knew something else was going on.  After fighting with my doctors (and finding new ones), I finally got some answers.  Raynaud’s, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Non-Complete Lupus.  Those are the big ones.  Big and small, I have a bunch of autoimmune issues which drag me down and tire me out.  Not knowing that something was causing this, made me very frustrated.  I finally moved forward, and knowing what can hold me back has allowed me to face it head on and not let it stop me.  Now if I fall, I know why I did, and I will get right back up.

This weekend was no exception to getting things done.  Friday I went out and spec’d a new hybrid bike.  I need one for the Tour de Cure in June.

 (please see my site to sponsor me!! http://main.diabetes.org/goto/grandgirl ).  

After that, I wanted a drink, so I met up with some friends, had some wine and dinner.  Saturday, I picked up my bike, and then took it for a quick ride.  Had to test it out!  After that, I picked up my nephew to celebrate his 5th birthday.  It was a few months ago, but I had totally forgotten that his older sister got a special day, when she turned 5.  With 2 nieces and a nephew, everything has to be equal!  I had seen the forecast that it was going to rain,

so I took him to the new Lego store at the mall, 
and to Build a Bear.  
That place is so cute!  It is totally hands on, and I think the prices are very reasonable.

We went to see the Lorax, and I was impressed that the little man was able to sit through the whole thing.  He did start getting concerned towards the end of the movie.  I had let him know we would go to Red Robin for dinner (his favorite place), and he was getting anxious that it would close if we didn’t get there in time.

I reassured him that it was only 4:30 and that they would be open well past his bedtime.

As for Red Robin, I really appreciate that they have an iPhone app, which lets you customize your meal.   You can trade stuff in and out, and then see the nutritional content.  Of course, when you do that, you find that even their salads can contain over 60 grams of fat.  I am not kidding!  I ended up getting the bruschetta chicken sandwich, but with lettuce for the bun.  I also had the quick thinking to confirm if that came with fries.  It wasn’t obvious on the menu, and the app doesn’t account for them.  It did, so I asked for steamed broccoli instead.

Way to rock the healthy choice!

That’s what my friends in the WW community would say lol.  For those interested, that meal is 12 pp.  I know!  Good luck finding something healthy there. If you do, I would totally be interested in low point meals there.  My nephew loves that place!

When we got back to my place (little man was spending the night.  Sleeping bag and all), we watched some of Star Wars I:  Phantom Menace.  He wanted to bring it with him.  Of course, by 7:30 he asked “I’m tired, can I go to bed now?”  Not used to kids wanting to go to bed.  More fighting it.  Of course he did skip his afternoon nap.

The next morning was my weigh-in day, so once my nephew woke me up I had to weigh in.  Psyched with my loss, I knew the day would be a productive one.  It usually is when I have a loss.

We went to a nice diner for breakfast, and then I brought him home.  

We played a game of war and then I played Just Dance with my nieces.

After that I made a lofty to-do list.
And since then, it has just kept growing!

I added the fun time I spent with my nieces and nephew, because then I could check some stuff off and it was just fun to make those something that was a priority in the day.

Digging into my list, I wanted to get back to working on my stairs.  A few months ago I took the carpet up from my stairs, in my house.  There are nice hardwoods, but they need significant clean up.

 This is what they look like right now.
This is the sanding that I got done on 1/2 the stairs on Sunday.

That night, I also made a new recipe, which I found on Weight Watchers.  It was a recipe for Fish and Curry.  I customized that one to put Chicken instead of fish, add more veggies, and substitute some of the ingredients.  Mine is Chicken and Vegetable Curry.
Check the finished product!

I feel like my version is missing something.  Not sure if the coconut milk is the difference.  It is still good and I have been having it for lunch this week.  My house wreaked of curry! Good thing I like that smell.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be taking over my cube, at work.  At least no one has said anything…

As I finished items on my list, I kept adding more, in my head.  One of those is that I have been wanting to clear the weeds out of my back yard for a long time (since I got the house).  Just like last year, every weekend seems to call for rain.  I think this weekend, I will have to suck it up and do what I can.  I know how nice my yard will look when the weeds are cleared out.

This week has been one glitch after another, and I am just pacing myself to get through to the weekend.  Saturday, I am volunteering for a highway pickup with my firm.  On the 29th I am running my first 5K, and really excited.  Beyond that, I have the tour de cure (please sponsor me!  My Sponsor Page!!! ).  I am trying to figure out how to fit in training for the 40 miles, which is my goal.  I know I need to train for this big of a commitment.  I work out at the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and now Friday.  I used to work out on Saturdays, but if I switch that to Friday, I thinking Saturday can be more open for that bike ride, yard work, taking on the world etc.

Today I have been channeling the lessons that alcoholics have to practice.  One day at a time.  I don’t know much of any other way to live our lives, whether we struggle from addition or not.  Getting ahead of ourselves will inevitably lead to a crash and burn scenario.  I came home, got some work done, packed my gym bag for the morning, did my dishes, packed my breakfast and lunch, caught up on emails, and got this blog done.  All-in-all, I focused on today and now, and just focused what was in my control.  Now I feel better about now, and the rest of the week.  I am getting excited for the weekend and all the things I can work on.  My yard, as long as the sun is out.  My stairs, if it rains.  Anything I can get my hands on!

Tonight, I was catching up on my DVR, watching Glee.  I heard the greatest line.  Mercedes was talking about her dream to go to LA and her fears that she wouldn’t make it.  She said “I might be cream here, but what if out there, I’m skim milk?” Later Sam had posted her performance on Youtube and wanted to show her all the positive comments.  He said…

“You ain’t no skim milk, baby.  You cream rising to the top.”

Stalling Stats

I am still working on my weekend blog, which is plaguing me like my ever expanding to-do list.

Here are my stats for today:
Total body 1 hr 1 min – 427 cal
Abs challenge 20 min – 104 cal
Treadmill 5 min – 64 cal
Total 1 hr 26 min – 595 cal

Total body was really good. It’s great when we do lots of reps and then Pilates at the end.

Perfect score for Abs Challenge. First day I’ve done that.

Only had 5 min left, so I ran at a 5.0 on the treadmill, the entire time. I usually go at a 4.5 pace.

All in all, a stellar workout.

And then…. We went down hill. I don’t know if I lost my zen, but I was about to lose my s$&t. I went to get dressed, at the gym, and my zipper in my dress got stuck in the fabric. 10 minutes later, I conceded to the zipper/fabric victory, and proceeded to put my gym clothes back on. Over my stockings.

I had to get to my gyn appt. So that is right by my work. I’m late, getting here, but they graciously accepted my wardrobe malfunction story. Now I’m going to be super late for work, as I have to go back home and get a new outfit.

It looks like my little omen buddy decided to stick around. We are getting to be friends, and my ability to do basic functions (like getting dressed) is going out the window.

I’m getting my zen back, though. Zen and the art of getting by, by Me. 🙂

My Light Switch Fell Off In My Hand

I’m serious. My alarm went off at 5:00. I snoozed and then decided to face the day. I went to turn the switch on my light, and it came off in my hand. Hoping it’s not an omen for the day, or week.

I wanted to throw my HRM against the wall, during spin, as it kept registering my hr either over 200 or at 0. In the end, the stats seemed reasonable, except that it was a really tough class. I probably did way better than it says, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

Spinning 59 min- 489 cal
Abs challenge 16 min – 93 cal

Have a good, omen free Monday!

Tuesday Stats – So Much To Do So Little Time

Total body 59 min – 345 cal
Precor 30 min – 262 cal
Step master 20 min – 190 cal
Total 1 hr 49 min – 797 cal

I wanted to get a blog written last night, but alas I had to get a mani. Had a groupon. Great place, and all went well until we finished and I was told “your nails are still wet, but you can leave now.”

So now my nails are all messed up and I have to go back to get them fixed. Who tells someone with wet nails to leave? They even tried to put my coat on me. So weird! Well I hope I can get them fixed. It was a reward groupon!!